The Accelerated FreeFall Skydive Program

$1000 + Prerequisite

The Accelerated Training Program is the latest approach for training students the skills and techniques of Skydiving. Learn to Skydive! This includes the seven levels of training and jumps the student will progress through. The unique feature offered by this program includes the student and Instructor making each jump together from 13,000 feet, about a 50 second freefall. This is a fast paced program and the student will complete this program within 2 to 3 consecutive days.

The Center uses all modern equipment and training techniques. The price for all jumps includes the equipment, plane ride, all instruction and the jump. Wear loose comfortable clothing, tennis shoes and bring food. After each jump you will receive an individual critique and entry in your own personal logbook.

This course is for people who want to become a skydiver. The Parachute Center has made more skydivers than any dropzone in america. People come from all over the world to jump, train and become a skydiver at The Parachute Center. Many have gone on to be world champions. It is to your benefit to complete the course in a timely manner and continue into your skydiving career. Currency is everything. If you start. Plan to finish. We are open 7 days a week, year round and jump weather permitting.

Do the math and compare drop zone offerings. Our course is to accelerate your learning thereby saving you money in the long run. Going to the tunnel and learning to fly greatly leverages your learning curve. This makes the course easier by helping to eliminate repeat jumps while boosting confidence before you ever come to jump.

Plan to stay all day for the program. Registration is at 9:00 am sharp. We do not accept personal checks but we do accept M/C, Visa, and ATM. Make sure to call for appointment. We look forward to seeing you and sharing the skydiving journey with you.


  • Make 1 Tandem Jump - Leave Deposit - Get Course Materials

    Leave a $500 Deposit for the course when doing your tandem and make the jump within 30 days of starting the Course. You will receive the training material which will require 2 to 3 days of study time.

  • Go Learn To Fly In The Tunnel

    Fly 10 to 15 minutes in the Wind Tunnel coached by a tunnel instructor familiar with the AFF program. Call the tunnel to schedule your flight ( – 510-489-4359, ) Make sure to get your video!

  • Show Up For the Course

    Be prepared to commit up to three CONSECUTIVE days to finish the course, longer if weather impedes. Bring the video of your tunnel flying. This course is offered during the week (Monday through Friday) by appointment only.

You will Learn

  • Aircraft procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Canopy flight
  • Body flight
  • Flying with others (relative work)

Extra Costs

$230 for 15 Tunnel TimeThis is the Secret Sauce to our program. This exponentially speeds the process and saves you tons of TIME, MONEY, and FRUSTRATION.

$100 Working Tandem This is a great addition to the course to speed your proficiency and save you money. This is required by many of our PRO Independent Instructors.

$110 and $135 Per EXTRA jumps. Sometimes you will need to repeat jumps to show proficiency. This all depends on your skill and retention ability. Most students need only repeat 1 or 2 jumps.