Learn to Skydive

Private Instruction

We are one of the only skydiving centers in the U.S. that offers this one-on-one, private, focused attention.

You are paired with a private instructor who is dedicated to you and your goals. This is a fast paced program and the student will complete AFF  and learn to skydive within 1 to 3 consecutive days depending on the aptitude, skill of the student, and the weather. Serious individuals committed to their goals can finish with an “A” license by the end of their first week and be better skydivers.

Private instruction allows one to learn to skydive while developing a solid foundational survival skill set they will build from their entire skydiving career in record time. Most new jumpers find without a coach or instructor it can take months to get the “A” license and in the end, they don’t know as much or can perform as well than students who did it in a week or two. Private instruction sets you up to THRIVE, not just survive the experience of skydiving.

NOT for Everybody:

This program is designed for those who know they want to learn to skydive, become a skydiver, and are committed. This Accelerated Learning Environment (ALE) is for people who are body aware, enjoy high speed environments and familiar with high stress adrenaline fueled sports and environments. Typically our students are physically active in other sports such as rock climbing, biking, skiing, snowboarding, or paragliding, giving them the edge.

By Appointment Only:

You MUST apply by filling out the form below. Once accepted you will get access to your class study materials and all the action steps you need to get you up and running as fast as possible. You will be sent information that you NEED to accomplish and study beforehand. We are here to answer questions and the learning must begin before you show up. This is what makes the program accelerated. When you show up at the Parachute Center you are ready to jump and learn to skydive.

Private AFF Skydive Training


  • Dedicated USPA Rated AFF Instructor (No large Classes)
  • AFF First jump course
  • 7 jumps – Gear Rental – Pack Jobs
  • Personalized ground training
  • Pre Jump Instruction
  • Post video debriefing
  • Sign offs
  • Roadmap to your goals
  • Post student status access
  • Local jumper community

Day 1:

Student arrives late afternoon, meets their instructor and begins the first jump course over a few hours reviewing the study material and practicing important physical aspects of the skydive.

Day 2:

Your working tandem. Practice in real time all the groundwork the day before. We debrief your working tandem with your tandem instructor then the fun begins!!! Jumps 1 – 3.

      Jump 1 – (CAT A) Simple Stability & Altitude Awareness. applying what you learned in the tunnel. Your instructor holding onto you and making sure you pull your parachute.

      Jump 2 – (CAT B) Beginning Turns & Forward Movement. You take your tunnel skills to the sky. Your instructor holds onto you and while making turns together.

      Jump 3 – (CAT C) Release Dive – Stability. Your instructor releases you, if you earn it. You will be pulling your own parachute from now on!

Day 3:

      Jump 4 (CAT D-1) 90° Turns, Forward Movement and Heading Control.

      Jump 5  (CAT D-2) 360° Turns. More turns working on heading control and being altitude aware.

      Jump 6  (CAT E-1) Instability & Tracking. Now it gets even more fun!!! We start doing flips, barrel rolls, and forward tracking (unstable maneuvers)

      Jump 7  (CAT E-2) More flips and tracking!!! Now we start learning how to fly across the sky. (Think Iron Man). By the end of the day you are cleared to jump out of a plane completely by yourself!

At this point you can continue jumping by yourself for the rest of your life at The Parachute Center in Lodi.
To go to another jumping center or to jump with others, you will need your “A” license.

After you finish AFF you are cleared to jump solo, ONLY. You are not yet allowed to jump with other people unless they are a certified instructor or coach. At this point in your skydiving career the only person that thinks your a safe and competent skydiver is your instructor. You MUST get your “A” license to continue your skydiving career and begin jumping with others.

Next Step is your “A” license

Learning to jump in groups and at other Drop Zones is fun and a beautiful part of our sport. Your first skydiving license is the beginning of your skydiving career.

  • Jump with friends
  • Travel – As a USPA member you can jump at almost every skydiving center in the world.
  • Insurance – USPA membership gives you a third party insurance
  • Membership – Recognized in a world wide organization
  • Magazine – full of info you need

There is still a lot for you to learn and accomplish before you get your A license which is recognized worldwide at other dropzones and allows you to jump with any licensed skydiver. The best way to accomplish this is to continue your one-on-one dedicated instruction. Your coach will prep you on the ground for what to do on every solo jump, tailoring the program to each individual depending on their needs. This is the fast track to your A license so that you are not wasting any time or money.

“A” license requirements

  • Minimum of 25 jumps
  • Written test
  • Oral exam
  • Packing class
  • 3 coach jumps with an instructor to coach and witness necessary skills to start jumping in groups
  • Checkout skydive (basically your skydive test to be cleared to jump with others)
  • Complete filled out and signed “A” lic card

$1,500 “A” license IN A WEEK package

Achieve solid flight and survival skills


  • Dedicated one-on-one instruction (progress at your own pace, not in a class)
  • Study sessions after jumping hours
  • Targeted study material
  • 17 jump tickets
  • Plus 7 coach jumps including video debriefs
  • Gear rental & pack jobs (New top of the line gear)
  • All category quizzes
  • Oral Exam
  • “A” license written exam & check dive

$3140 Zero To Hero

One-on-One-Instruction from AFF through Your “A” license.

Our fast track program is not for everyone. We are here for the committed. The people who know they want to skydive for the rest of their life. If you give us 100% we give you 110%. That is how we can get you your “A” license in a week. No large classes or begging for attention.

Includes Everything in:

  • Private AFF instruction
  • “A” lic in a week package

Private AFF, “A” lic in a week, and the “Zero to Hero” Package are by appointment only and not always available. You must apply for the in appointment and instruction. Not all candidates are chosen. We will do our best to get the right instructor for you with the time frame you want. 

True One-on-One Private Instruction

Booking with an instructor ahead of time provides you with the unique opportunity Lodi provides, a direct route to your goal of becoming a skydiver in the highest learning curve environment possible.

One of the reasons we are so inexpensive, is this happens fast, and depends on you to study ahead of time. This is class “A” instruction and coaching. It’s you and your instructor working towards your ultimate goal of becoming a skydiver.

Your success depends on your level of commitment and engagement with the process of your education. You study, you do your tunnel time and learn to fly BEFORE you take your course. This is how you learn so fast. This is how you reach your goals quicker and become a competent and safe skydiver. You have to want this more than anything else.

This is an intensive course and one that requires your attention and ability to follow directions. A lot of responsibility falls on you as it will your entire jumping career.

Anyone can learn to skydive. And, our core students who thrive and excel are typically cross over athletes. IE. Climbing, Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Paragliding, etc. These are people with body and air awareness. If you are not an athlete, or a coach potato, please know this will take you a little longer.

Again, this is one of the only skydiving centers offering this level of premium instruction and coaching service.

Step 1: Get your AFF Done

The Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF) is a Seven-level (Seven-jumps (7)), high intensity course meant for people who KNOW they want to become a skydiver.

Usually three (3) days, weather permitting, of solid jumping working on the basics of survival. At the end you are cleared for SOLO jumping so you may work towards your USPA “A” license.

There is no AFF certification
AFF doesn’t include your USPA “A” license

We are simply clearing you to jump as you have proved your ability to survive the experience of free fall, handle an emergency, land your parachute, and understand and apply basic skydiving and equipment knowledge. That’s it. You have the basics. It’s up to you to push your progression further. That’s the AFF Course.

Once done you are expected to diligently work towards your “A” license with no interruption of jumping. Currency is everything. AFF is the stepping stone to becoming a skydiver. If you stop jumping, take a break, etc. you are going in reverse. Your safety and the safety of those around you depend on you continuing your education and skill set building. So, start jumping!

Don’t worry. We do have an “A” license program totally customized for you with complete one-on-one instruction and coaching. It’s the fastest route.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the intake form using the button below – An instructor will get with you via email or phone to make sure you understand everything and then set a date.
  2. Put down a small non-refundable deposit to hold the date and provide immediate access to your task list and study materials.
  3. Book your tunnel time using the info given. You must book with an AFF Tunnel coach.
  4. Follow all directions and complete all tasks so you arrive ready to jump.

Step 2: Get your “A” license

  • $800-$1500
  • Rig Rental $35, includes jump & pack-job
  • Coach jumps average $30
  • Reviews and sign-offs, vary in price.

USPA “A” Lic requirements:

  • Fully filled out “A” card
  • USPA Membership
  • Minimum 25 jumps

Once off AFF you are cleared for SOLO jumps ONLY as you work towards your first license. Your USPA “A” license. How long this takes and what it costs, depends on you and your commitment. All of the “A” card requires signatures as proof of your acquired skills and coaching for the many reviews and one to one education. This education and skill set building is the foundation of your skydiving career. Take it seriously. You need to know and be able to apply everything you are learning. There are no shortcuts.

If you are fully committed, we do have a coaching program to get you your “A” license in a week. This again, is totally one-one-one instruction and coaching meant for only the candidates serious about their education and their timelines.

Step 3: Get your “B” Lic

  • 50 jumps
  • Canopy Course
  • Water Training Course
  • Accuracy Requirements
  • Aerial Skills Requirements

Stuff to know:


You will be paying separate entities and contractors for your education. The tunnel coaches and your AFF jumping instructor and coaches are paid separately. (suggested to book up to 2-3 weeks ahead of time to complete all of the following)

Show up Ready to Start:

You must be fully prepared to start class on the evening prior. That means you will need to have your lodging sorted, tent, hotel, or trailer rental, done. You must be ready to GO full steam. There is no time for late studying, finding lodging, etc. Again, come prepared.

  • You must have your tunnel done and video ready to review on a USB
  • You must have all your study done
  • Class sometimes can start the night before.
  • AFF is scheduled during the week. Mon – Friday, You generally need 3 days or more dependent on weather


  • You can tent on the DZ during your stay.
  • There are bathrooms and showers on the DZ
  • Hotels are just a few miles away, some with discounts, see the about page


  • There is a small store down the street
  • We have a big community, rides are not hard to find

Are you ready?

Contact Form:

Please use the contact form if you have any additional questions that are not covered here.

Student Application:

If you think you will be a good candidate please fill out the form by clicking the button below. You will be contacted by an instructor usually within 48 hours to set a date.

We look forward to sharing the skydiving experience with you,

The Lodi Crew

Stuff to Know (FAQ)

Are you ready?

Contact Form:

Please use the contact form if you have any additional questions that are not covered here.

Student Application:

If you think you will be a good candidate please fill out the form by clicking the button below. You will be contacted by an instructor usually within 48 hours for a quick converstaion, answer any additional questions and find you an instructor.

We look forward to sharing the skydiving experience with you,

The Lodi Crew

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